Notting Hill Genesis is about more than bricks and mortar

Our social purpose is as important to us today as when our parent organisations were formed in the 1960s. We're committed to being at the heart of our communities, providing homes for lower-income households in London and the south east.

Both Notting Hill Housing and Genesis were founded in response to homelessness and poor living conditions. We've always been innovative and forward-thinking organisations. Our growth over the decades has given tens of thousands of people a place to call home. We won't stop now. It's vital we don't rest on our laurels, but continue to give future generations the same opportunities.

Any commercial work and property sales we undertake is to create greater surpluses to invest more in affordable housing, and as Notting Hill Genesis we can do more.

Our staff have always been at the heart of our communities, and we want our merger to enhance those links. Whether it's supporting residents to claim the correct benefits, getting involved in community events, or just being there for a resident to talk to in times of need, our relationship with those in our homes goes beyond bricks and mortar. That relationship has always important for our colleagues and residents and it will remain so for Notting Hill Genesis.

We'll also retain our shareholder structure. Many of our shareholders have been involved with us for years, even decades, and we want to ensure that their shared traditions and values, which go back more than 50 years, continue to influence how we work in the future.