Building homes and communities

Notting Hill Genesis are one of the most experienced and financially secure housing associations in the UK. We develop high-quality homes in London and the south-east of England. Our homes have won awards for being creative and sustainable, but more importantly, they help create and sustain vibrant communities.

We have a pipeline of almost 11,000 homes over the next five years and together we'll be able to develop 400 extra homes each year than Notting Hill Housing and Genesis could have separately.

We have strategic partnerships with the Mayor of London pledging 60 per cent affordable housing across our Greater London Authority (GLA) pipeline.

It’s increasingly difficult to produce social and affordable housing with limited government grants, but by continuing to use surpluses generated by our commercial activities to plough back into our core social purpose, we can ensure we create the right mix of Notting Hill Genesis homes – and do our bit to tackle the housing crisis in London and the south-east.