Our Executive Board

Last updated - 24 February 2020

Our executive board, led by chief executive Kate Davies, is responsible for the day-to-day running of Notting Hill Genesis.

Kate Davies

Kate Davies is the Chief Executive of Notting Hill Genesis. Prior to this Kate was the Chief Executive of Notting Hill Housing, a role she had held since 2004. She was previously the Chief Executive of Servite Houses and Director of Housing in Brighton and Hove. Kate has experience in local government and the private and voluntary sectors. She has two degrees and qualifications in housing management (MCIH) and housing association development.

In addition Kate is a non-executive director with the National House Building Council and a Board Advisor to YLD.

Kate is a co-opted member of the Notting Hill Genesis Board.

The following senior managers report directly to the Chief Executive:

  • Andy Belton, Chief Operating Officer
  • Katie Bond, Group Director of Sales and Marketing
  • Carl Byrne, Group Director of Housing
  • John Hughes, Group Director of Development
  • Paul Phillips, Group Director of Finance
  • Jeremy Stibbe, Group Director of Assets
  • Vipul Thacker, Group Director of Central Services
  • Mark Vaughan, Group Director of Commercial Services
Kate Davies - Chief Executive of NHG

Andy Belton

Andy Belton is our Chief Operating Officer (COO) and a member of the Executive Board.

Prior to this Andy was the COO and Deputy CEO for Notting Hill Housing and, from 2006, held executive responsibility for a number of different permutations of NHH’s operational businesses (managing around 32,000 homes, 700 staff, a combined turnover of over £400m and annual profits of over £100m).

In February 2017, Andy stepped out of his operational brief to lead a digital transformation programme of ‘automation and efficiency’ to support our corporate strategy. The WorkWise programme will be key to delivering the Notting Hill Genesis strategic objectives to modernise and improve customer services and to operate more efficiently.

Andy has a track record of successfully leading large diverse teams in both the private and public sectors.  Before joining Notting Hill in 2002, he worked in the IT industry and held a number of senior management positions, including Managing Director of European Shared Services, during a 16-year career with Unisys.

Andy is Irish, has lived most of his life in London and has worked in Germany, The Netherlands and North America.  He is married to an Italian and has two children aged 21 and 19.

Andy is a co-opted member of the Notting Hill Home Ownership Board.

Andy Belton - NHG Executive Board member

Katie Bond

Katie Bond is Group Director of Sales and Marketing, joining our Executive Board in January 2020.

Her role covers residential sales of shared ownership and market sale homes, an area that is particularly challenging in the current financial and political climate and plays a vital role, as these sales boost our surplus, which is then used to fund the development of affordable housing.

Katie has been at Notting Hill Genesis and its predecessor Notting Hill Housing for more than a decade, initially as Development and New Business Client Manager and then going on to become Director of Notting Hill Home Ownership and Development Director.

Prior to joining Notting Hill Housing, Katie was a project manager at L&Q Group.

Katie Bond - NHG Executive Board member

Carl Byrne

Carl is Group Director of Housing, and a member of the Executive Board. Carl’s remit covers NHG’s social housing management and care & support services for more than 30,000 residents. He is also responsible for the business improvement directorate, covering resident involvement, insight and continuous improvement for NHG’s operational services.

Prior to his current role, Carl spent three years as Director of Housing & Customer Experience with Genesis, overseeing social and affordable housing management, keyworker housing, customer services, community investment and leasehold services.

He joined Genesis in 2013, previously working as Head of Customer Services at Richmond Housing Partnership, helping to achieve national recognition for the quality of customer service delivery.

Carl Byrne - NHG Executive Board member

John Hughes

John Hughes is the Group Development Director and a member of the Executive Board. He is responsible for growing the number of homes we provide.

The Development directorate works with the Regulator of Social Housing, local authorities and private developers to produce new homes each year.

Prior to his current role, John had been the Group Development Director for Notting Hill Housing since 2008. John joined Notting Hill Housing from the Genesis Housing Group where he was Deputy Development Director. He has 20 years' experience in housing development and regeneration, including managing the largest Housing Corporation funded programme, over £200 million of Social Housing Grant and a substantial pipeline of properties for sale.

He was previously at NHH for eight years where he held positions including Director of New Business and Director of Maintenance.

John Hughes - NHG Executive Board member

Paul Phillips

Paul is the Group Finance Director and a member of the Executive Board. He is responsible for financial management and accounts recording throughout the Group.

His team is responsible for raising private finance from banks and the capital markets to fund the growth of the organisation. The Finance Directorate prepares the annual and longer term financial plans monitors progress against them and evaluates the financial implications of new business opportunities. The Finance Directorate also prepares the financial statements for audit and deals with all financial transactions, such as paying suppliers and accounting for rents and other income. Paul’s team is also responsible for Governance for the Group as a whole.

Paul has a strong track record in finance and housing. He joined Notting Hill Housing in November 2004 from Servite Houses, where he was Finance Director for eight years and notably led on their first Private Finance Initiative project.

Before that, Paul worked at Knightstone Housing Association, United Kingdom Housing Trust, the Housing Corporation and London Transport.  He has approaching 40 years’ experience of financial management in the sector.

He is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and holds an MBA from the University of Bath.

Paul Phillips - Executive Board member

Jeremy Stibbe

Jeremy is the Group Director of Assets and a member of the Executive Board. His focus is on transforming our repair service through our new digital platform, establishing and delivering a planned investment strategy, and responding to the new building safety regime, including fire safety.

Prior to this, Jeremy was the Genesis Executive Director Assets & Investment, a role he had held since autumn 2016 and before that, as Genesis Regeneration Director. In those roles Jeremy had responsibility to deliver 5,000 new homes over the course of the Corporate Strategy lifecycle.

Jeremy is a highly experienced senior housing and regeneration leader. He has held positions at other G15 housing associations, including L&Q and Network. Before joining Genesis, Jeremy was Executive Director, Development at Peabody – a position through which he kick-started the Thamesmead regeneration scheme and established their award-winning sales brand.

Jeremy is a co-opted member of the Notting Hill Home Ownership Board.

Jeremy Stibbe - NHG Executive Board member

Vipul Thacker

Vipul Thacker is the Group Director for Central Services and a member of the Executive Board. Vipul is the Data Protection officer for the organisation. His remit includes Procurement, Human Resources, Communications, Data Protection, Office Accommodation and Facilities and Corporate Health and Safety.

Prior to this, Vipul was with Genesis Housing Association where he held a number of senior roles, including Head of Performance, Head of Compliance and Transformational lead.

From June 2013, Vipul was the Corporate Planning and Performance Director and led development of the Association’s five year Corporate Strategy. Vipul was responsible for the organisational Business planning and managed corporate functions including Business Intelligence & Performance, Policy, Research and Business Improvement.

Vipul has previously worked for the Audit Commission and has held senior management positions in the housing department at two London boroughs.

Vipul Thacker - NHG Executive Board member

Mark Vaughan

Mark is Group Director of Commercial Services and a member of the Executive Board.

Mark’s wide-ranging remit covers leasehold management, temporary housing, key worker housing, student housing, market rent housing and commercial property.

Prior to his current role, Mark spent one year as Group Director of Commercial Services and three years as Group Director of Housing, both at Notting Hill Housing.

Mark Vaughan - NHG Executive Board member