Published - 13 March 2019

Results from Resident Satisfaction Survey

Thank you to all of you who took part in our recent resident satisfaction survey.

This was the first survey covering the whole of Notting Hill Genesis (NHG) since we merged last April and will provide us a baseline for monitoring future progress.

So, what did the survey tell us?
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Overall satisfaction with NHG is 65.2%. Within this there are people who think we provide a brilliant service and scored us 10/10, which is the level of service that we aspire to for all our residents. All too often though we are inconsistent and things go wrong, which meant too many of you scored us only 1/10

The safety and security, and overall quality, of your home remain the most important things to you, and also the aspects of life in an NHG home that you are most satisfied with, scoring us 7.2/10 for both.

How we deal with repairs to both homes and communal areas, is important, but you scored us just 5.9/10 in this area. We know we can improve, and have committed to this in the Resident Promise.

This survey tells us how our residents feel about us right now, and we can measure our performance against that as we integrate to show how we are delivering against the Resident Promise. This will help us focus on the things that are important to you.

Our first scores as a merged organisation are roughly in line with how residents saw us as two separate housing associations. That is no surprise, given that we merged less than a year ago, and our responsibility now is to fulfil our pledge to improve services as a merged entity.

More than 500 of you said that you would be interested in getting more involved with NHG. We will be getting in touch with each of you over the coming months to let you know more about this.

Focus on - Ease of doing business
It’s great that 20% of you think that we are very easy to deal with and scored us 10/10, but 10% think we are not at all easy to deal with and scored us 1/10, and overall you scored us just 6.5/10.

You told us in the run up the merger this was important and it is a key element of our Resident Promise. As we integrate we will be putting ease of doing business at the centre of our plans.

Every resident will have a named person who knows the area where you live and who you can contact about any issues relating to your property.

But that doesn’t suit everyone. We also have a customer service centre if that is your preferred way of contacting us, and we are also investing heavily to provide you the opportunity to self-serve, for instance by ordering repairs on line yourself, without needing to speak to us at all.

Focus on - Repairs
We know how important it is to our residents to get our repairs service right. You scored us 5.9/10 in this area.

Over 60% of the time when you contact us it is about repairs, and we do complete just over half of these repairs the first time we visit. However, our results show that where we cannot resolve your issue straight away we often don’t keep you updated on what is happening and you have to contact us more than once before your repair is completed.

However, before a repair is even logged, three quarters of residents have been forced to make more than one attempt to contact us before the repair is logged. This is another reason why letting residents reach us when they want in the way that best suits their lifestyle is so important.

Over the coming months we will be rolling out systems that will give you a greater opportunity to self-serve, so please keep an eye on this website and Connections, our resident newsletter, for more information.

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