Information for suppliers

Last updated - 16 May 2019

Selecting the suppliers that Notting Hill Genesis work with is something we take seriously as it ensures we deliver only high-quality goods and services to our residents, staff and customers.

As a registered provider of social housing, in our tendering process, we are required to comply with the Public Contracts Regulations and EU rules, known as Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

Where we look to procure any goods, services or works contracts that exceed the monetary thresholds of these rules, contracting opportunities are advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union. These contract opportunities can be found either on the Government Contracts Finder website ( or Tenders Direct (

More information on the monetary thresholds relating to these Regulations can be found on the OJEU website ( Notting Hill Genesis fall under the category of “Other contracting authorities”.

Partnering with us

Notting Hill Genesis currently run tender exercises through the Delta e-Sourcing platform. Any open opportunities which are posted through the OJEU will be available to access on this platform -

We work in partnership with several other housing and public sector organisations in order to reduce costs and ensure high quality.

Suppliers can view vacancies, tendering opportunities and a wide range of other useful information at Procurement for Housing (PfH) and the Crown Commercial Service (CCS).

To ensure value for money, the financial regulations of Notting Hill Genesis specifies that the following steps should be taken when entering into contracts with suppliers:

  • Works contracts above £25,000 and up to and including £4,551,413
    A formal tender process, inviting a minimum of three suppliers.
  • Works contracts above £4,551,413
    Mandatory compliance with Public Contracts Regulations and EU Directives.
  • Goods, services or works contracts up to and including £25,000
    An informal quotation process, inviting as many suitable suppliers as possible.
  • Goods and services contracts above £25,000 and up to and including £181,302
    A formal tender process, inviting a minimum of three suppliers
  • Goods and services above £181,302
    Mandatory compliance with Public Contracts Regulations and EU Directives

Should you require any further information the Notting Hill Genesis terms of procurement, please contact